Ferry boat on his way to Thassos

Beginning the Thassos Island Experience

Are you travelling to Thassos for the first time, or maybe it has been a while since you last visited us, well here is what awaits you when you begin your journey…..

Whether you are on a package holiday or you have chosen to travel independently, when you are aboard the ferry boat and making your way to the island the first fascinating sight/experience you will notice is how the gulls follow you and your ferry.  Over the years these clever birds have learnt that not only does the ferry boat emit fish in its wake but also that they can be assured of an easy meal from the hundreds of passengers that are on board.  Frequent users will take bread, crisps or crackers on to the deck and feed the gulls by either throwing the tasty treats to them so that they catch them in flight or try and encourage the gulls to come down and be hand fed (keeping their fingers well away), the older more experienced gulls are very happy to oblige.  It is an amazing sight to see the gulls dexterity and determination as they compete to collect the food.  If you choose to be on deck a little shelter is advisable as when the gulls fly overhead what goes in must come out 🙂

Once you have landed on Thassos and you begin to explore our beautiful island you will soon be aware of the wonderfully warm greeting that you will receive from the Thassian people.  A handshake is the most common greeting for people who are meeting for the first time, close friends may greet each other with a warm embrace or a kiss on each cheek.

Independent travellers will probably have a hire car pre-booked for the duration of their stay but for package holiday makers we recommend that you hire a car during your stay if only for a couple of days as driving around the island is very easy. You can book you car online in just 4 steps on following website: https://www.rentacarpotos.gr/

You will be surprised to know that there are no roundabouts and that there is only one set of traffic lights and they are to be found in Limenas – Thassos Town.  When approaching them you will see that they only flash orange and denote ‘Give Way’ at the junction, as you do not have right of way.

So you see driving on the island is quite easy and stress free, give way to traffic on your left as you filter onto the main coastal road that circles the island, it is impossible to get lost if you stick to the tarmac roads.  None of our beautiful island destinations are too far to access as the coastal road is only approximately 100 km.

During your journey/journeys as you travel around the island one thing you will notice is the well kept shrines dotted everywhere along the roadside, some are made of metal and some are more elaborate and made of stone/concrete.  The origin of these shrines is twofold; they either act as a remembrance for a traffic victim or also as a thank you from a grateful survivor.

Also whilst on the roads admiring the beautiful pine forests, mountain villages and rugged coastline be on the lookout for roaming herds of goats that graze along the roadside.  Our roads are narrow and twist and turn in places and a herd of goats could be just around the corner.  Please take care.

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