Top 5 secluded Beaches on Thassos

Thassos has always been one of the most authentic and quiet holiday destinations in Northern Greece.  Over the last few years although the island has become a very popular destination, especially for travelers coming by car from the neighboring Balkan countries, the island nevertheless has kept its tradition and Greek character and has still plenty to offer.  For those who want to avoid overcrowded places and are interested in discovering the hidden beauties of the island, we have picked the following Top 5 Secluded Beaches on Thassos! Continue reading “Top 5 secluded Beaches on Thassos”

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Where are the quieter places on Thassos?

As we are going through the “high season” of the summer we thought it would be useful, especially for first time visitors, to inform them which we feel are the quieter places or let’s say the less touristic areas on the island, in order to make sure that everyone will have a relaxing and peaceful holiday on our beautiful island even in August! Continue reading “Where are the quieter places on Thassos?”

Bridge Theologos

Day Trip to Theologos Village!

Alongside the natural beautiful beaches Thassos has to offer, there is a long rich history and tradition to discover as well.  If you wish to get to know Greek culture better and its mentality, you should leave touristic and crowded places like Marble Beach and Giola and drive to the traditional mountain villages where you will travel back in time and you will live an unforgettable experience!

Theologos is the largest traditional mountain village on Thassos, the old capital of the island and is the best start to induct yourself in the authentic Thassian culture! Continue reading “Day Trip to Theologos Village!”


Best beaches for Snorkeling on Thassos

Apart from offering great wild nature Thassos also has an amazing underwater life to discover! Whether you are looking for small fish, octopus, shells or even starfish and sea anemones, the underwater sea life will fascinate you! But which beaches are the most appropriate for snorkeling?  Read our new blog post to find out! Continue reading “Best beaches for Snorkeling on Thassos”

Food Thassos

Eating out when in Thassos

Is this your first visit to Thassos or have you chosen self-catering or bed and breakfast for the first time, well here is our guide to what’s on offer in our wonderful restaurants, tavernas and cafes.  Thassos offers the visitor a wide variety of places to eat from prime seafront positioned restaurants, tavernas and cafes to those situated in quaint side streets, all offering a splendid array of dishes to suit all tastes. Continue reading “Eating out when in Thassos”

rainy day on Thassos

What to do on a rainy day on Thassos

For many people rain on holidays is one of the worst thing can ever happen…Normally during summer time from June until August we rarely get a drop of rain on the island and even in this case it’s just a light rain which lasts for some minutes or hours with the sun shining next day.

In September or October the possibility of stronger rain is although slightly higher…Well not that case last September when we literally had full sunshine and almost 30 degrees every day!

In order to avoid frustration and disappointment here our best tips about how to deal with the rain during your holidays on Thassos, how to get over it and have some really fun even on a rainy day! Continue reading “What to do on a rainy day on Thassos”