Arsanas Beach under the monastry on Thassos

How to make your holidays on Thassos more affordable!

Greece is a paradise for your summer holidays, it’s hard to find such diversity elsewhere. Greece is more than our ancient history and culture, the wonderful beaches, the delicious food, Greece truly has something for everyone and at a price to suit your pocket! Where you choose from one of the hundreds of islands or the awe inspiring mainland!

Thassos, one of the most special islands, also known as the Emerald Island, is well worth visiting. Situated in the North Aegean sea, a short ‘hop’ from the mainland and very convenient for either Kavala Airport – KVA (20 minutes to the closest ferry port) or Thessaloniki International Airport – SKG (a comfortable, less than 2 hour drive/transfer, to Keramoti or Kavala for the ferry boat). Thessaloniki Airport is the second largest airport in Greece and because of that has the added advantage of more incoming routes and a wide choice of carriers, from budget airlines to major national airlines.

Once you have decided how you want to get here, the next step is to decide on what kind of accommodation you want, and which part of the island you would prefer to stay at.

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Ancient amphitheater in Limenas

4+1 Museums to visit on Thassos

Thassos has more than just beautiful beaches with emerald waters and magnificent mountains to offer. You can also find a rich archaeological and cultural background dating back to ancient times. You can get a glimpse of our cultural heritage in some of the museums dotted around the island. Don’t miss the opportunity if you are holidaying on Thassos! Continue reading “4+1 Museums to visit on Thassos”

Sunset view from vehicle while driving

How to choose the right vehicle for your holidays from Potos Car Rentals!

Booking a vehicle online in advance may be a bit confusing or difficult to estimate which type of car most suitable for your holiday needs. In order to avoid frustration and disappointment when you pick-up your car please see our advice below, then go to our booking page and make your booking with confidence. Continue reading “How to choose the right vehicle for your holidays from Potos Car Rentals!”

Jeep Renegade Diesel 4x4 available for rent

Top 5 Places on Thassos where you need a Jeep

Thassos has a paved (asphalt) road network, in the main in reasonable to good condition, which lets you get around the island and visit all of the mountain villages.

Of course Thassos has many other spectacular places to visit which are not accessible from the ring road or any of the paved arterial roads. There is a whole network of unpaved roads which gives you the chance to discover the ‘other side of Thassos’! To access these magical places you have a couple of choices, you can walk, or you can rent a Suzuki Jimny or Jeep Renegade from us and arrive safely and in comfort. Please note that we only allow our 4×4 vehicles to go ‘off-road’. We absolutely prohibit our ‘normal’ cars to be driven on unpaved roads, failure to comply with this will result in you being totally uninsured and liable for any damages, the cost of a thorough under vehicle inspection (and the cost of any damage found) and cleaning charges. Just not worth the risk when you are on holiday!

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Chrystal water on Thassos

Our Top 5 Beaches on Thassos!

There is no doubt that Thassos has some of the most beautiful and clean beaches in the Aegean Sea! Whether you are looking for sandy exotic beaches or rocky coves for snorkeling and diving to get a glimpse of the fascinating marine life on offer, Thassos has something for everyone! Small or large, organized or secluded, sandy or pebbles, the beaches of Thassos make for a perfect long day under the Greek sun. We have selected 5 beaches which we love, of course there are dozens of others! Continue reading “Our Top 5 Beaches on Thassos!”

Watching the sunset in a Potos Car

Early Online Booking Advantages!

Are you planning on a vacation in the North of Greece? Are you an independent traveler? Will you be arriving at either Kavala (Megas Alexandros – KVA) or Thessaloniki (International Airport Macedonia – SKG) Airports? Are you holidaying on Thassos Island? Do you like to be sure that your travel plans are confirmed and there will be no disappointments or frustration?

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